Covid 19 affected the whole world and as well India. Hence the government of India has pronounced total lockdown in the country from 22nd March May 2020. This lock down mostly affected the poor who depended on daily wages. Hence VRO chose to do the relief operation among the poorest of the poor who relied only on daily wages. VRO identified 63 families who were working in the dumping yard and 64 migrant tribal families near Numbur and provided food and dry ration for almost three months, April, May and June 2020. It also provided dry ration to 955 families (30 hamlets) in Jaggampeta Area of East Godavari District, 1200 yanadhi tribes from 26 hamlets around Repalle area, Guntur District, 36 disabled persons from Vengayammapuram village of Jaggampeta Mandal, Guntur District, 737 migrant families in and around Guntur, 55 families in Vetapalem who suffer from Leprosy, 45 differently abled persons in Machavaram Holy Angel Home, and snacks for 1747 Covid patients who were in quarantine centres run by the government.