Day I:   On February 23, 2024, the Operational Team Leaders (OTL) was convened at the Circle Office in Perecherla, under the guidance of operational directors. The team leaders  gathered at 9:30 am in the recently renovated hall. It  included Operational Director Fr. Velangani Raju SJ, Former O.D. Fr. Peter Daniel SJ, Associate Director Fr. S Emmanuel SJ, Area Director Fr. George SJ, Finance Officer Mr. Bosco, staff from the Head Office, Project Officers, Circle Coordinators, and dedicated YSD Volunteers.The session began with a solemn rendition of the prayer song ‘Om Jagadeeshwara.’ Mr. N. Sudhakar then offered a brief prayer, invoking divine blessings. Fr. Velangani Raju SJ, the Operational Director, extended a warm welcome to all participants. He reminded them of the vision and mission of VRO (Village Reconstruction Organisation) and encouraged active participation in all presentations and deliberations.

 Annual Activities and Project Progress: Project Officers utilized PowerPoint presentations to explain the annual activities of their respective centres. The meeting also included a comprehensive review of the Project Progress for the year, 2023-2024. Project Officers and Circle Coordinators diligently submitted Annual Reports, detailing the progress of key initiatives: Child Education & Rights (CER), Village Empowerment and Entitlement (VEE), Youth Skill Development (YSD). These reports served as valuable insights into the impact of VRO’s work and highlighted the collective efforts and commitment of the team towards rural development.

Day II: On February 24, 2024, the Inauguration of the renovated Perecherla Circle office marked a significant milestone. The halls, meticulously prepared and thoughtfully designed, were unveiled one by one. The event was graced by Fr. Peter Daniel SJ, the former director of VRO, who set the proceedings in motion. Joining him was Fr. S. Emmanuel SJ, the associate director, along with other esteemed officials from VRO.From till evening 4.30 Mr Paul Rajkumar, the trainer  conducted a training session for the volunteers reminding them of their project profile objectives  and analysed the SWOT analysis of each centre. Project officers interacted with the trainer and frankly spoke about their hurdles and obstacles that they encountered while implementing the projects.